Ask The Chaplain

Ask The Chaplain

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Why Churches Die

“America has thousands of churches! There are some in Cathedrals, Small Chapels, Storefronts, Private Homes and Warehouses. Some of these churches are denominational and some are not, some are traditional and some are very unique, and finally some are growing and unfortunately MANY are DYING! There are a lot of churches, ministries, and Christian Centers that are on life support spiritually. Why? I believe the question is on the hearts and minds of many Pastors and church members, and the answer is available…BUT can we handle the TRUTH?

The truth is something most Christians avoid like the plague! Why? I think we (Christians) would rather blame the devil for things that are really our fault and responsibility. Is the devil our enemy? Of course he is! But WE reap what WE sow. The church preaches a lot about sowing and reaping, especially when it comes to money and wealth. If you read the verses in Malachi about tithes, read carefully! It wasn’t the people God was rebuking, IT WAS THE PRIEST! But many churches lay this on the members and yet they don’t practice what they preach. Tithes in the Old Testament were not JUST for the priest! The Levites, The Strangers (homeless), The Widows, and the Fatherless ALL benefited from the tithe.

Local churches are supposed to make an impact on the communities they are in by GIVING back, (Matt. 5:14-16) Sinners should have to even confess and admit that the Church in their community makes a difference in the neighborhood! I want to give you ten answers to the QUESTION! “Why is my church dying!” Hold on to your hat’s the answers may shake up your traditional thinking…and make you THINK!” It is not a sin to think outside of the box of tradition…it is a sin to stay ineffective.

There is nothing wrong with having a storefront church! But if after 20 years your storefront church still has the same 12 members, you need to padlock the door and admit your church is dead! Saints should beget saints, we were saved to lead others to salvation in Jesus Christ! My prayer is that this small book will make you mad enough to do something!

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