Ask The Chaplain

Ask The Chaplain

Saturday, October 18, 2008

How Do We Get Men to Go To Church?

1. Realize that men ARE different than women, men are problem solvers
and oriented to action, keep men active. Give them discipleship
training and make them ACTIVE in ministry. That doesn't mean they have
to be PREACHERS, but active! Maybe in food distribution, helping
fatherless boys, or hospital visitation. Don't expect men to be as emotional as WOMEN. Just because a man doesn't cry and shout in Church doesn't mean he isn't SAVED or doesn't love Jesus.

2. Men ARE always going to be sports lovers so don't FIGHT that, Men are competetive by nature,embrace it use it in ministry. Take a busload to a ballgame, watch
Monday Night Football AT CHURCH and have prayer at HALFTIME! Give altar calls at Basketball tournaments at the local playground.

3. Don't be afraid to lead men with strong opinions (real men HAVE
opinions). David had a group of mighty men...not wimps. These men saved David on the Battlefield in his old age too. STOP making MEN kiss your butts, train men to love Jesus first and his family second.

4. Make them LEADERS in church, if they fail at something..SO WHAT, you learn best on the job, A man that does NOTHING is a failure! Men need to be challenged! Sitting in the pews doing nothing will make a man bored. When they reach a level of maturity make them Deacons, not just brothers holding the collection plates...but REAL Deacons having an ACTIVE role in ministry. When I was a Deacon I went to the hospitals and gave communion to the sick, I preached on streetcorners, and I ran the food bank at my church.

Wake Up's time to get the men back to church!

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