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Ask The Chaplain

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Facts about Childhood Sexual Abuse

The statistics:

33% of girls are sexually abused before the age of 18

16% of boys are sexually abused before the age of 18

One in three sexaul assauult victims is under the age of 12.43% of those are 6 and younger

61% of females sexual assault victims are under 18

83% of sexually abused boys are under age 12: 26% are under age 6

In most cases,the child knew the sex offeneder.With girls ,29% were relatives and 60% were acquaintances.With boys,16% were relatives and 44% were acquaintances

Physicl force was not used in two-thirds of incestuous abuse
For 60% of "sexually active" girls under the age of 14,their only sexual experience has been a sexual assault

Childeren who grow up in a family where there is domestic violence are 8 times more likely to be sexual abused within that family

90-95% of all sexual abuse cases are never reported to the police

Sexual abuse accounts for 13% of substantiated cases reported to local Departments of Social Services

Fabricated sexual abuse reports constitute 1 to 4% of reported cases.Of this, 75% of reports are by adults and 25% are by children

Just a few of the consequences:

68% of incest survivors are adult victims of sexual assault or attempted
sexual assault by non-relative at some point in their lives
Women who reported childhood sexual assault were three times more
likely to become pregnant before 18
70 to 80% of sexual abuse surivors report excessive use of drugs and alcohol
27% of women suffering from bulimia were sexually assaulted at some
point in their lives

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