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Ask The Chaplain

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Should a Pastor Be Accessible to Members?

Pastors have to be more accessible and be willing to mentor others towards being a successor.

Paul mentored Timothy and Titus like sons in the faith, and they looked to Paul like a father. Elisha learned at the feet of Elijah and went on to be a greater prophet of God. Jonathan was the rightful heir to Israel’s throne but he forsook that to mentor and befriend young David. My first two Pastors were instrumental in helping shape me into the man I am now!

The Necessity of Training and Delegation (Acts 6:3-4; Ex. 18:1f; 1 Tim. 4:6, 11-16; 2 Tim. 2:2, 15)
Facing the limitations of one man, the necessity of priorities, and the giftedness of the body of Christ naturally leads to the importance of training and delegation. Neither Moses, following neither Jethro’s advice, nor the apostles ignored the legitimate needs of the people, but neither did they allow themselves to be distracted from the primary needs of the people and the priorities of the Word. It becomes important, therefore, for pastors to train the body of saints in the basics of the Word and delegate various aspects of ministry to other members of the body according to their gifts and the Lord’s leading in each believer’s life.

Too often a pastor tries to be a one-man show; the church will always suffer under this kind of leadership! Usually this stems from insecurity and jealousy on the pastor’s part. If you are the Pastor NO ONE can take that away from you! You must be secure in your office; you need other minister’s help! The Pastor needs an evangelist to bring lost souls to be fed, Teachers have to be there to help disciple saints, and prophets need to bring a Word in season.
(Acts 6:4-7; I Tim. 1:2; I Tim. 4:6-12)

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