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Thursday, December 20, 2007

What Does it Mean to Be "Anointed?"

A computer search on Anoint, Anointed, and Anointing in the KJV brings up the following results..

Anointing Is used 25 times in the OT and 3 times in the NT.

Anoint Is used 30 times in the OT and 5 times in the NT.

Anointed Is used 86 times in the OT and 12 times in the NT.

Definition of 'Anoint' in Eastons Bible Dictionary.


The practice of anointing with perfumed oil was common among the Hebrews.

(1.) The act of anointing was significant of consecration to a holy or sacred use; hence the anointing of the high priest (Exo_29:29; Lev_4:3) and of the sacred vessels (Exo_30:26). The high priest and the king are thus called “the anointed” (Lev_4:3, Lev_4:5, Lev_4:16; Lev_6:20; Psa_132:10). Anointing a king was equivalent to crowning him (1Sa_16:13; 2Sa_2:4, etc.). Prophets were also anointed (1Ki_19:16; 1Ch_16:22; Psa_105:15). The expression, “anoint the shield” (Isa_21:5), refers to the custom of rubbing oil on the leather of the shield so as to make it supple and fit for use in war.

(2.) Anointing was also an act of hospitality (Luk_7:38, Luk_7:46). It was the custom of the Jews in like manner to anoint themselves with oil, as a means of refreshing or invigorating their bodies (Deu_28:40; Rth_3:3; 2Sa_14:2; Psa_104:15, etc.). This custom is continued among the Arabians to the present day.

(3.) Oil was used also for medicinal purposes. It was applied to the sick, and also to wounds (Isa_1:6; Mar_6:13; Jam_5:14).

(4.) The bodies of the dead were sometimes anointed (Mar_14:8; Luk_23:56).

(5.) The promised Delivered is twice called the “Anointed” or Messiah (Psa_2:2; Dan_9:25, Dan_9:26), because he was anointed with the Holy Ghost (Isa_61:1), figuratively styled the “oil of gladness” (Psa_45:7; Heb_1:9). Jesus of Nazareth is this anointed One (Joh_1:41; Act_9:22; Act_17:2, Act_17:3; Act_18:5, Act_18:28), the Messiah of the Old Testament.

Nave's Topical Bible lists the following references to 'The Anointing'

Of the body

Deu_28:40; Rth_3:3; Est_2:12; Psa_92:10; Psa_104:15; Psa_141:5; Pro_27:9; Pro_27:16; Ecc_9:8; Son_1:3; Son_4:10; Isa_57:9; Amo_6:6; Mic_6:15

Of guests

2Ch_28:15; Luk_7:46

The sick

Isa_1:6; Mar_6:13; Luk_10:34; Jam_5:14; Rev_3:18

The dead

Mat_26:12; Mar_14:8; Mar_16:1; Luk_23:56

Of Jesus, as a token of love

Luk_7:37-38; Luk_7:46; Joh_11:2; Joh_12:3

Omitted in mourning

2Sa_12:20; 2Sa_14:2; Isa_61:3; Dan_10:3

God preserves those who receive

Psa_18:50; Psa_20:6; Psa_89:20-23

Saints receive

Isa_61:3; 1Jo_2:20

In consecration

Of high priests

Exo_29:7; Exo_29:29; Exo_40:13; Lev_6:20; Lev_8:12; Lev_16:32; Num_35:25; Psa_133:2

Of priests

Exo_28:41; Exo_30:30; Exo_40:15; Lev_4:3; Lev_8:30; Num_3:3

Of kings:

General references

Jdg_9:8; Jdg_9:15


1Sa_9:16; 1Sa_10:1; 1Sa_15:1


1Sa_16:3; 1Sa_16:12-13; 2Sa_2:4; 2Sa_5:3; 2Sa_12:7; 2Sa_19:21; 1Ch_11:3


1Ki_1:39; 1Ch_29:22


1Ki_19:16; 2Ki_9:1-3; 2Ki_9:6; 2Ki_9:12




2Ki_11:12; 2Ch_23:11





Of prophets


Of the tabernacle

General references

Exo_30:26; Exo_40:9; Lev_8:10; Num_7:1

Altars of

Exo_30:26-28; Exo_40:10; Lev_8:11; Num_7:1

Vessels of

Exo_30:27-28; Exo_40:9-10; Lev_8:10-11; Num_7:1

Jacob's pillar, at Bethel

Gen_28:18; Gen_31:13; Gen_35:14

See Dedication


Of Christ's kingly and priestly office

Psa_45:7; Psa_89:20; Isa_61:1; Dan_9:24; Luk_4:18; Act_4:27; Act_10:38; Heb_1:9

Of spiritual gifts

2Co_1:21; 1Jo_2:20; 1Jo_2:27


Exo_40:13-15; Lev_8:12; 1Sa_16:13; 1Ki_19:16

Symbolic, of Jesus

Mat_26:7-12; Joh_12:3-7


If you have looked up the above references, noting the usage of the word Anointing, I am sure you have noticed a few vital specifics.....

1) Anointing is not the "power of God," but the act of being consecrated or set aside. (anointing is constantly mis-defined as the "power of God.")

2) in the Old Testament the anointed ones were the Priests, Prophets and Kings. In the Hebrew Bible, the High Priest and the king are each sometimes called "the anointed" (Leviticus 4:3, 5, 16; 6:20; Psalms 132:10). Prophets were also anointed (1 Kings 19:16; 1 Chronicles 16:22; Psalms 105:15). Anointing a king was equivalent to crowning him, in fact in Israel a crown was not required (1 Samuel 16:13; 2 Samuel 2:4, etc.). Thus David was anointed as king by the prophet Samuel:

3) In the New Testament ALL believers are said to be anointed.. Let me repeat that.. It is NOT a few special persons who are anointed but ALL believers have a general anointing. John makes it clear that this gives us a relationship with our blessed Lord, but it never makes one better, greater or more powerful than another. As in the following three verses

2Co 1:21 Now He who establishes us together with you in Christ and who has anointed us is God,

1Jo 2:20 But you have an anointing from the Holy One, and you know all things.

1Jo 2:27 And as for you, the anointing which you have received from Him abides in you, and you have no need that anyone teach you; but as the same anointing teaches you concerning all things, and is true, and is not a lie, and just as it has taught you, you will abide in Him. [All Emphasis Added]

Did You Also Happen to Notice

1) There is not ONE SINGLE reference to the anointing being a supernatural power given to human by which they are able to perform miracles.

2) There is not ONE SINGLE reference to a double or triple portion of the anointing. [See Footnote I on Elisha]

3) There is not ONE SINGLE reference to anyone being able to transmit the anointing by any means, including the laying on of hands. [See Footnote II]

4) There is not ONE SINGLE reference to getting, keeping, increasing, or losing the anointing.

FOOTNOTE I: Elisha did not ask for a double portion of Elijah's anointing, but for a double portion of his spirit. The words are totally different in Hebrew. In any case the phrase, “a double portion,” was applied to the first-born [Deu_21:17], and therefore Elisha’s request was, quite possibly, to be heir to the prophetic office and gifts of his master.

FOOTNOTE II: Acts 19 tells us that when Paul laid hands on some believers from Ephesus the Spirit came (epi) upon them. It does not say a word about The Spirit coming through Paul’s hands. It came upon them... from above.

The Anointing and The Holy Spirit

Take a close look at these Bible verses

1 John 2:27 But the anointing which ye have received of him abideth in you, and ye need not that any man teach you: but as the same anointing teacheth you of all things, and is truth, and is no lie, and even as it hath taught you, ye shall abide in him.

What was that again? The ‘Anointing’ teaches you of all things...

How can the "anointing" teach a person anything? The only way this is possible is if the anointing is in fact the person of the Holy Spirit. In order to teach one would have to be a living intelligent being, impersonal powers do not teach.

Luke 1:35 And the angel answered and said unto her, The Holy Ghost shall come upon thee, and the power of the Highest shall overshadow thee: therefore also that holy thing which shall be born of thee shall be called the Son of God.

Luke 4:18 The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; he hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised,

Acts 10:38 How God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and with power: who went about doing good, and healing all that were oppressed of the devil; for God was with him.

Charismatic teachers have made the anointing a separate power that God bestows on people. However the Bible connects the anointing and the presence of the Spirit, which mean you cannot have one without the other. As a believer you have the Holy Spirit, as a nonbeliever you do not. Simple as that.

Where then did these Self-styled So-called prophets find...
(list from

A Swimming anointing- “ Ezekiel 47 says clearly that though the waters will go high that you will have to swim in them. There is such a thing as swimming in the anointing. You can no longer walk in it, there is so much of it you have to swim in it. So Jesus, we are ready to go swimming tonight.” (Benny Hinn in Honolulu Blaisdale Crusade - 2/28/97) It was so hot in the Arena that they perspired enough and thought it was the Holy Spirit.

The Hurricane anointing- This anointing can blow you away…Hinn says “ The anointing was just as strong as it was in Denver. One man Nevell Mcdonald who has a church here was holding onto the pole. Gods power was so strong he could not, he was holding onto a big steel pole on the platform. “ (TBN with Paul and Jan Crouch Sept. 13 1999)

A TV Anointing- Hinn described on the Larry King show how he had a terrible cold and watched himself on the TV. On the TV tape he said, “Stretch your hands!” He thought this is stupid and then “ Suddenly the Lord really spoke to my heart and said, “ The man on television is my anointed servant.” … I went over and put my hands on the screen and yes I got healed. “

Here Hinn is promoting the anointing through his tapes. It's on them (this is an advancement in spiritual technology over the old anointed handkerchiefs . The question is why didn't he heal himself by prayer? Instead he depended on a tape of himself. Is this Biblical teaching or self aggrandizement? The reasoning behind this is probably that Hinn wants to sell tapes and make people think that God has anointed them as He has His word. Hinn says God told him the man in the picture tube is His anointed, the taped one not the real one. Yea right!

A Funtime anointing- “ Believe me that anointing is yours to work that sometimes you can play with it. if your not, but God will take it away from ya.”

Seed Anointing- ...”as you pray in the Holy Spirit God will anoint that seed your about to sow it is worth and as God anoints the seed he also anoints the ground so it can bring forth a mightier harvest for you and your children, family and bring out of bondage in the name of Jesus. Hallelujah! Hallelujah. I want you to sow the best seed. People the grounds are wet and moist by the anointing.” ( Honolulu Blaisdale Crusade 1/21/99)

An Explosive Anointing- Hinn growls “ The glory! The glory!” If I don't release it I'll blow up. If I don't release the anointing I'll blow up I got to release it on somebody.” (TBN with Paul and Jan Crouch Sept.13, 1999 video on Denver crusade)

A Fearing the Anointing- “ Do you know saint's under the, please understand this, your looking at me now wearing this sitting wearing this suite… I am not the same man under the anointing that I am now. Paul Crouch “True”I mean I'm, I believe me when I tell I you do not even identify with the Benny Hinn you see on Television. Because it’s a different man. Its not me. My children are afraid of me under the anointing. What they do not know is that I'm afraid of the anointing too.” (laughter) Paul Crouch, “True, No. true!” I'm not afraid of myself I'm afraid of what the anointing can do to me if I mistreat it. “(TBN with Paul and Jan Crouch Sept. 13, 1999)

The Rambo Anointing -Rodney Browne says “When you get the anointing of God you become the worst nightmare to the Devil. I tell you God's going to raise up holy Ghost Rambo's in these last days. To boldly go where no mans gone before.” (Rodney is the one teaching where no man has dared to have gone before).

Parsley was an assistant to Lester Sumrall. Sumrall, who died in April 1996, claimed his anointing from Smith Wigglesworth.[ “Back to the Source -- The Truth About Smith Wigglesworth,” The Quarterly Journal, January-March 1995, pg. 1.]

In 1992, Sumrall supposedly passed his “sword of anointing” to Rod Parsley and his wife.[ “The Electric Evangelist,” op. cit., pg. 50.]PFO journal.

Anointed Handkerchiefs- Rod Parsley cuts up prayer clothes to heal by laying hands on them and literally transfers and releases the tangible anointing. This is more like a transferable energy since the anointing is the holy Spirit who is God. Parsley states “ In the early church people saw tangible transfer of the anointing from the apostle Paul to those he laid hands on so then they began to give him handkerchief’s for him.” Nice try, it doesn't say that at all.

A Jubilee Anointing- Parsley says, “ We’ll send that prayer cloth back to you believing God to transfer His Jubilee anointing into your life and mark you for a miracle .”.. I’m going to place them on our prayer altar throughout Dominion 98 Camp Meeting where they will be saturated in the presence of God then sent back to you.” (And With a gift of $15 or more he’ll send you his brand new book the Jubilee Anointing). ( Potters House shown on Lesea June 12 1998)

Amnesia Anointing- “I’m telling you God is about to move so supernaturally in the anointing of his spirit in these days that when he delivers you your not even going to have the remembrance that you got delivered because you won’t have any knowledge that it ever bound you.”

The Anointing of Increase- Jesse Duplantis says, “ I declare and Decree the anointing of increase” to his congregation (12/121/99).

The Uncommon Anointing - Mike Murdock “There is an uncommon anointing even right now on the thousand dollar seed through this ministry.” “In my experience I believe there is the greatest anointing on a thousand dollar seed right now that there has ever been on any telethon on any service I’ve ever spoken.” (Lesea Telethon '97)

Anointed numbers (and a Boaz anointing)- “The reason I’m praying for 70 is that number is a anointing number under Moses, And God said whoever the 70 people are that respect your mantle , that respect your anointing, Moses every time I bless you I’ll bless them. What I’m asking God to do is every time He blesses mike Murdock he blesses you, every time he gives me a financial idea he gives you one. Every time he silences the Devil for me he’ll silences an enemy for you. Every time God heals my son he heals yours. That’s a Boaz anointing, the anointing you respect is the anointing that grows in your life.”

A Devil Bustin Anointin'- “My flesh is about to blow right out of my body. It tell you the anointing is so glorious satan better not show up tonight or well tear him apart. And I warn the devil tonight. I warn every demon in this arena. You better get out before we kick you out.,, speaking of America “God is about to kick the Devil right out of here.” (Benny Hinn Honolulu Blaisdale Crusade Jan.21 1999)

Fire anointing- The anointing is…Its all over me. “For the fire of my spirit shall burn, shall burn. (Hinn Blasedale Arena 1999)

A Cursing Anointing “ A curse on every man and woman that will stretch his hand against this anointing.” (TBN with Paul and Jan Crouch Sept. 13 1999 video on Denver Crusade).

The Energizer Bunny anointing-“I want you to get a spirit of prophesy on you that just keeps going. I call it the “energizer bunny anointing” (John Eckhardt, 5/12/00 National School Of The Prophets, Mobilizing The Prophetic Office)

100 Fold Anointing- Benny Hinn speaking, “ I had a prophecy form Rod Parsley, Kenneth Copeland, and a few others had come to be with me just the last few, few weeks and each one of them said, and I , I’m , I’m amazed because I didn’t think it would happen so fast. They said God is about to lift you to the hundred-fold anointing. Now, the hundred-fold anointing is a 1,000 percent increase. “ (TBN Oct.20, 1999)

The Speaking Anointing- “ . . . The anointing is dependent upon my words. God will not move unless I say it. Why? Because He has made us coworkers with Him. He set things up that way. “ (Benny Hinn, The Anointing, Thomas Nelson. 1992. 82).

“I was saying God give me this anointing give me this power to speak those things that come to pass. And that there'd be a witness to what I speak after I have spoken it by miracles following.” (Avanzini's testimony on audio, TBN )

The Mindless Anointing- Jesse Duplantis “The anointing of God was flowing, so I just kept saying, “ Glory to God! Thank you, Jesus!” . . .I don’t know what happened next, but all of a sudden I was in the Spirit. I didn’t feel or see anything. I was just in that fog, with smoke inside my car. . .My natural mind was not registering anymore in the car. I was caught up in the Spirit.”

The Special Sickness Anointing- Fredrick Price claims to be anointed to heal “Arthritus, Bursitis, Rheumatism with a 99% cure rate by touch.”

The Corporate Anointing - Debra Jordan “…anointing “without measure”, a corporate anointing which will achieve “the birthing forth of My glorious Church” (Debra Jordan, Zoe Ministries “Written Judgments Vol. 2 Foreword).

Seed Anointing- “Get that seed out of you pocket and get it into anointed ground, this is anointed ground, this is Jubilee ground.” (LeSea telethon 97)

100 fold Increase Anointing- “ For all those calling in pledges during that fund raiser “Brother John” Avanzini promised to speak a special anointing over the pledge slips.” Avanzini states, “I’m usually not allowed to speak about this,” Avanzini tells the TBN audience. “God only tells me at certain times that I can… I’m going to speak the hundred-fold increase in just a few moments” (November, 1990 Praise-a-Thon)

Anointed Trinkets-Marilyn Hickey's- Breastplate, mustard seed, anointed oil, prayer cloths, ropes.etc.

The Anointed Telecast- “There's an anointing on this telecast.” (Steve Munson Sept.29, 1997 on LeSea TV Network)

A Dead Mans Anointing- Hinn has said, “ One of the strangest experiences I had a few years ago [was] visiting Aimee's tomb in California. ... Friday I am gonna go and visit Kathryn Kuhlman's tomb. ... And that grave, uh, where she's buried is closed, they built walls around it. … I felt a terrific anointing when I was there. I actually, hear this, I trembled when I visited Aimee's tomb. I was shaking all over. God's power came all over me. . . I believe the anointing has lingered over Aimee's body.”

“ Someone asked me how is it you can feel the anointing around a tomb? I have no idea man, but I sure felt it. Your gonna feel the anointing. ...I’ve heard of people healed when they visited their tomb...”

(If you believe this you might as well send away for a pet rock!)

The Double Portion Anointing- Hinn had a special visitation from Elijah who changed his ministry …' Elijah, the prophet.' I'd never heard the Lord say that to me. You know, when that happened? That happened days before the anointing on my life doubled. Literally, the ministry's anointing doubled after that. (Benny Hinn in Honolulu 2/28/97) Maybe this should be called the necromancy anointing.

The Prophetic Anointing- “prophetic anointing is not just for prophets, it’s for the entire church.” “you need to do what you can to get some prophetic anointing on you” (John Eckhardt, 5/12/00 National School Of The Prophets, Mobilizing The Prophetic Office)

A Multiplication Anointing “Saints, we have to preserve that anointing whether its the anointing that’s on Rod... Rod Parsley agrees with Hinn about the anointing as he discussed the new healing center of Hinn's on his program he said. “ God where those anointings will be multiplied Parsley says, I'm seeing this now Benny] ... Multiplied by one another, Smith Wigglesworth's anointing multiplied by Oral Roberts anointing multiplied by Kathryn Kuhlman's anointing multiplied by Benny Hinn's anointing and when the people come there, there faith will be at such a level that that spiritual genealogy which you are preserving will come to bear against their need. ... this is going to be a miracle mountain. “( This is Your Day program, Aug. 24, 1999 TBN )

Multiplied anointings. What kind of brew is this man talking about that we can mix anointings and multiply them together? Even from those who are dead These men have consistently classed themselves with the Mt.7:21 crowd. The Bible speaks of only one anointing not many.

Anointed Songs- Jesse Duplantis states …”the anointing to come through in that song.”

The Saving Anointing- Hinn states “When the anointing comes all your loved one will be saved. All the demons that harass you will be gone.”

Since None of These Anointings Came From The Bible, I Hardly Think It Would Take A Rocket Scientist To Figure Out The Source

In Matthew 24, on the Mount Of Olives, the disciples came to the Lord privately saying “Tell us, when shall these things be? and what shall be the sign of thy coming, and of the end of the world?” Jesus’ first words in answer to them were “Take heed that no man lead you astray” (v.4) and then He went on to say “ For many shall come in my name, saying, I am the Christ; and shall lead many astray”. (Emphasis added)

‘Christ’ means Anointed.. it is the Greek translation of the Hebrew word rendered “Messiah”

In other words Jesus answered a direct question about what signs would signify the end of the world with a warning that ‘Many would come in His name claiming they were ‘anointed’.

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