Ask The Chaplain

Ask The Chaplain

Thursday, December 13, 2007

A Church gone Astray....

Many of our churches take up big cash offerings for speakers (tax free money) and
pastors, soon the IRS is going to visit our churches and ask for a
paper trail, if you are a preacher and you have been taking a cash
offering BE AWARE! The IRS (Govt)is on a money hunt to fund the war in Iraq,
wake up saints the party is over! You must pay speakers with a
CHECK ..NOT cash! Speakers MUST show the check as income for tax
returns. Take it from someone that has had IRS problems in the past,
and I also know people that work for the IRS...Churches are on notice! Take this lightly if you will but the Government isn't just looking at the Mega-Ministries....they are looking at ALL ministries! If your church is clocking BIG dollars and there is NO evidence of CHARITY and BENEVOLANCE! They are coming for you! One reason the Catholic Church is above reproach in THIS area is they DO CHARITY....maybe we Protestants can learn something from our Catholic Brothers! If we do the right thing with GOD's Money we won't have a problem....Remember God said when you give to the POOR you are LENDING to HIM! The church has strayed away from it's mend broken hearts, to feed the hungry, to heal the sick, and to set the captive free, these are all the things JESUS DID! It is a SIN for a Pastor to take tithes from a woman on Social Security that barely has food to eat! True religion is to visit the widow and the fatherless! It is a sin to have people in the congregation that don't have food in their refrigerators, yet we will badger them for their last dollar for the Pastors Anniversary! Something is wrong with this picture saints! The modern church is FLEECING the flock instead of feeding the flock. Where were all of the Mega-Ministries during Hurricane Katrina? Why do preachers have armed guards and high tech security systems? Churches are monuments to the Pastors! Churches are SUPPOSED to be houses of worship and prayer! Churches are supposed to be places where the poor can get a meal! Churches are supposed to be SAVING STATIONS!

The Chaplain

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