Ask The Chaplain

Ask The Chaplain

Saturday, December 29, 2007

"Should Preachers Go to Seminary?"

In too many of our churches (I am talking mainly to Black folks) we have the ancient slave mentality that says, “I don’t need to go to school to be a preacher, I got the anointing!” Well during the days of slavery and Jim Crow we didn’t have an opportunity to go to Seminary or Bible Colleges. My grandfather was a deacon and his brother was a pastor back in the days when folks only got a grade school education and had to quit because they had to help pick tobacco. My forefathers made it the best they could under harsh circumstances. Now there is NO excuse for a preacher not getting formal training! You may not be able to afford Harvard or Princeton Theological Seminary, but every denomination should have a local Bible school. Most churches today have their own Bible Institutes or Schools. When you accepted the call to preach you also accepted the call to discipleship (training). Jesus spent 3 years training His disciples for ministry. He taught them how to pray, how to cast out devils, how to lay hands on the sick, how to carry themselves, and how to make more disciples. I am disgusted at how easy it is to be ordained in our churches. Just because a brother or sister can testify loud or run their mouth doesn’t mean they are called to preach! If they are called they will be willing to be trained BEFORE being given a piece of paper ordaining them. Remember this, if the preacher is ignorant and unlearned, then the people will be too! The gospel preacher must devote his (or her) life to purity of doctrine. Paul warned Timothy to avoid fables and old wives tales. It’s very easy for preachers to get involved in the “flavor of the month” teachings.

The Bible say's I Tim. 4:4, that in the Last Days SOME shall depart from the faith...WHY? Because of seducing spirits AND DOCTRINES of DEVILS! If you don't know HOW to Dissect the Word and RIGHTLY divide it, you will be a pawn for the devil. Much of what people are taught in church ISN'T scriptural but MAN'S traditions, The Man or Woman of God NEEDS BOTH the Anointing AND an EDUCATION in SCRIPTURE! I highly suggest a Bible College or Institution that is Bible based and Christ centered, there ARE bad Seminaries, however there are a LOT of good ones! Would you let a surgeon that only had a high school education operate on YOU? No you wouldn't, why should you have a Pastor with a high school education? Isn't your Soul and Spirit just as important (if not more) than your physical body!

Chaplain Mark H. Stevens, M.Min

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